Salesforce Certified Strategy Designer Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

Cloud Kicks (CK) is launching a new online store and wants to get a better understanding of its

market wants and needs to create compelling customer experience. CK's strategy designer

recommends utilizing the Jobs to Be Gone framework.

What are the core principles of the Jobs to Be Gone framework?

Answer : C

The core principles of the Jobs to Be Gone framework are customer-centric, solution agnostic, stable over time, and measurable outcomes, as this framework helps understand the customer's specific goal or job, and the thought processes that would lead them to hire a product or service to complete the job. Customer-centric means focusing on the customer's needs and desires, solution agnostic means not prescribing or implying any specific solution, stable over time means not changing with customer attributes or preferences, and measurable outcomes means having clear and quantifiable indicators of success.

Question 2

Cloud Kicks' strategy designer needs to communicate a new product vision but is only able to

access key stakeholders virtually Which technique should the designer use to ensure the audience

remains engaged?

Answer : C

The technique that the designer should use to ensure the audience remains engaged is to ask open-ended questions to the audience to maintain their involvement. Open-ended questions are questions that require more than a yes or no answer, and invite the audience to share their thoughts, opinions, or feedback. Asking open-ended questions can help the designer capture the audience's attention, interest, and curiosity, as well as encourage interaction and dialogue. Turning the camera off may reduce the visual connection and rapport with the audience. Dedicating half of the meeting time to answering questions may not be enough to keep the audience engaged throughout the presentation.

Question 3

Customer service surveys and user feedback reveal Cloud Kicks' users desire new features on the

sales platform How should the strategy designer collaborate with the UX designer to ensure those

features are both viable and feasible?

Answer : C

The best way to collaborate with the UX designer to ensure that new features on the sales platform are both viable and feasible is to align design implications to business goals, as this helps justify the value proposition and return on investment of the new features. Co-creating a journey map with users or identifying user quotes may not address the viability or feasibility aspects of the new features.

Question 4

Cloud Kicks wants to improve its digital commerce experience because it is losing prominence in

the market. What should a strategy designer rely on to get stakeholder buy-in for a redesign?

Answer : B

The best thing to rely on to get stakeholder buy-in for a redesign of digital commerce experience is research findings and a competitive analysis, as this helps demonstrate the user needs and pain points, and the market opportunities and threats. Wireframes and a total addressable market calculation or inspiring graphics and personas may not be persuasive or comprehensive enough for stakeholder buy-in.

Question 5

An online retailer developing a new sales strategy that releases a new, limited time

promotion every 10 minutes to keep shoppers engaged.

The retailer's strategy designer has concerns that the promotion falls into an ethical risk zone around


Which strategy should be used to bring potential issues to light?

Answer : A

The best strategy to use to bring potential issues to light for a sales strategy that falls into an ethical risk zone around addiction is to design a workshop for the team to slow down and think through the potential consequences of the strategy and uncover stakeholder perspectives, as this helps foster ethical awareness, reflection, and dialogue. Releasing the project as intended or creating a provocative presentation may not address the ethical risk or create alignment.

Question 6

Cloud Kicks' sales team is reporting an increased rate of churn. The Support team is

frequently bombarded with customer requests for less complicated user experience. The

development team sees the risk in changing a mature product.

What should a strategy designer recommend to help create alignment between the team?

Answer : A

The best recommendation to help create alignment between the team is to share stories from customer research to create a common understanding of challenges, as this helps empathize with the customer pain points and needs and foster a user-centric mindset. Creating a prioritized product roadmap or defining acceptance criteria and testing may not address the root cause of the misalignment or the complexity of the user experience.

Question 7

A project team at Cloud Kicks have this challenge statement: How might we increase the


What information is missing that belongs for well written challenge statement?

Answer : C

The information that is missing from this challenge statement is the desired outcome. A well-written challenge statement should include three elements: who (the persona being designed for), what (the need or problem to be solved), and why (the desired outcome or benefit). For example, a better challenge statement could be: How might we increase the adaptability of our sales team to generate more revenue in a changing market? The hypothesis of the solution is not part of the challenge statement, as it is a proposed answer that needs to be tested and validated.

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