Salesforce CRT-403 Prepare for your Platform App Builder Certification Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

Universal Containers wants to give sales managers the ability to quickly provide sign off on an Opportunity via the Opportunity record page when a sales rep

has discounted a deal by 20% to 30%.

Which two features should be used for this requirement?

Choose 2 answers

Answer : B, D

To facilitate quick managerial sign-off on discounted opportunities:

B . Dynamic Actions: Allows the display of specific actions on the Opportunity record page based on certain conditions, like the discount percentage.

D . Approval Process: Configures a formal sign-off process for records meeting specific criteria, such as discount ranges between 20% to 30%.

Steps to set up:

Configure an approval process for opportunities where the discount is between 20% and 30%.

Use Dynamic Actions to conditionally show the approval action directly on the Opportunity record page based on the discount percentage.

This setup allows sales managers to efficiently review and approve discounted deals directly from the Opportunity record page.

For guidance on setting up approval processes and dynamic actions, refer to Dynamic Actions in Salesforce.

Question 2

Universal Container's sales reps can modify fields on an opportunity until it is closed.

The sales operations team has access to modify the Post-Close Follow-up Date and Post-Close Follow-up Comments fields after the opportunity is closed. After the

opportunity is closed, the rest of the fields are read only.

How should these requirements be met?

Answer : C

To manage field editability based on the opportunity status:

C . Use field-level security on page layouts with record types to restrict editing fields. This combination allows for different layouts and editable fields based on the status of the record (e.g., closed or open).

Steps to implement:

Create or adjust record types for open and closed opportunities.

For each record type, create a specific page layout.

On the page layout for closed opportunities, set the majority of fields to read-only using field-level security, except for the 'Post-Close Follow-up Date' and 'Post-Close Follow-up Comments' fields.

Assign the appropriate page layouts to the respective record types.

Update profiles or permission sets to use these record types and page layouts accordingly.

This setup ensures that sales reps can modify fields only when the opportunity is open, and the sales operations team can edit specific fields after closure.

For more information on using record types and page layouts, check Salesforce's documentation on Record Types.

Question 3

Cloud Kicks is implementing an approval process for opportunities that requires managers to approve all opportunities above $50,000 before they can be

marked as Closed Won.

Which two delivery methods can a manager utilize to respond to approval requests in the Salesforce mobile app?

Choose 2 answers

Answer : B, C

For managers to respond to approval requests for opportunities above $50,000 in the Salesforce mobile app:

B . In-App Notification: Managers receive notifications within the Salesforce mobile app when there is an approval request, allowing them to approve or reject directly from the notification.

C . Record Detail: Managers can access the approval request directly from the Opportunity's detail page in the mobile app, where they can review and respond to the request.

Steps to configure approval process notifications:

Navigate to Setup Approval Processes select the relevant approval process.

Ensure the process is active and configured to send notifications to approvers.

Managers need to have the Salesforce mobile app configured to receive notifications.

For best practices on managing approvals in Salesforce, see Approvals in Salesforce.

Question 4

Which three standard component types are available in the Lightning App Builder?

Choose 3 answers

Answer : B, D, E

In the Lightning App Builder, the following standard components can be used to enhance the functionality of Lightning pages:

B . Rich text: Allows the inclusion of formatted text, links, and images on a page.

D . Report details: Enables embedding of specific report details directly on a page.

E . Recent items: Displays a list of recently accessed items relevant to the user.

Steps to add these components:

Open the Lightning App Builder via Setup Edit Page or when creating a new Lightning page.

Drag and drop the Rich text, Report details, and Recent items components from the standard components section onto the page layout.

Configure each component as needed (e.g., selecting a specific report for the Report details component).

For more on using these components, refer to Salesforce's guide on Standard Lightning Components.

Question 5

A business user wants a quick way to edit a record's status and enter a custom due date field from the record's feed in Salesforce Mobile App.

What should be used to accomplish this?

Answer : A

To allow quick editing of a record's status and entering a due date from the record's feed in the Salesforce Mobile App:

A . Custom action. This option enables users to perform specific tasks directly from the record page in the Salesforce Mobile App, such as editing fields.

Steps to create a custom action:

Navigate to Setup Object Manager select the relevant object.

Click Buttons, Links, and Actions New Action.

Set Action Type to 'Update a Record'.

Configure the action layout to include the Status and Custom Due Date fields.

Add the action to the Salesforce Mobile layout.

This setup provides an efficient way for users to update key fields without navigating away from the record feed.

For detailed setup instructions, see Salesforce's documentation on Creating Quick Actions.

Question 6

AW Computing uses a private sharing model for opportunities. Whenever

an opportunity with a type of Service Agreement is created, all users in the Service

Manager role should be able to view the opportunity.

Which tool should AW Computing use to accomplish this?

Answer : B

Criteria-based sharing rules are the best tool to use for automatically sharing records based on specific criteria, such as the opportunity type being 'Service Agreement.' This rule can share opportunities with all users in a particular role, such as the Service Manager role, when the criteria are met, thereby adhering to the private sharing model while still providing necessary access.

A: Owner-based sharing rules focus on the record owner's role or group, not the record type.

C: Apex sharing is used for more complex scenarios not easily handled by declarative sharing settings.

D: Manual sharing is not scalable or automatic. Reference: Using Criteria-Based Sharing Rules on Salesforce Help

Question 7

What is the process to upgrade an unmanaged package that is currently installed in production?

Answer : D

The correct method to upgrade an unmanaged package that is installed in a production environment is to use the update link provided on the Installed Packages page. This process ensures that any modifications or additions in the package are properly integrated without the need to uninstall the previous version, thus preserving existing customizations and data.

A: Uninstalling removes all associated data and customizations, which is not advisable.

B: The Install Wizard is used for initial installations, not upgrades.

C: Installing to a Developer org first is a testing step, not an upgrade path for production. Reference: Upgrading Unmanaged Packages on Salesforce Help

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