Salesforce Certified Industries CPQ Developer Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

A developermanages a very large catalog that includes over 5 million products. The developer needs to write a rule that will apply to all products in the catalog.

Which type of rule will be easiest for the developer to implement?

Answer : C

Question 2

Why would a developer use getCartsProducts input parameters to reduce the number of products returned in a guided selling experience"?

Answer : B

Question 3

In the Cart, how are the prices in the selectable Product List calculated?

Answer : D

Question 4

Which option must be checked on context dimensions to ensure they ore cached and accessible to the cacheable APIs'

Answer : A

Question 5

What type of parameter is being used in this example API call: vlocity_cmt/v3/catalogs/Phonesyoffers?context=fStatus":"Active"J

Answer : B

Question 6

True or false: Cart-based guided selling experiences useAngular JS templates.

Answer : A

Question 7

You can apply context rules to order line Items.

Answer : B

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Total 323 questions