Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Accredited Professional Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

Universal container wants to stream line the way they collaborate on sales agreement with their channel partners which is the recommended option

Answer : A

Question 2

What is the purpose of defining the renewal days for sales agreement

Answer : B

Question 3

Universal container wants to enter a sales agreement for Widget A, Which three minimum data element required on sales agreement

Answer : C

Question 4

Universal Containers has implemented Rebate Management and wants to define the Benefit information section of a Rebate Type Benefit. Which Sequence of Minimum and Maximum Range values would be valid?

Answer : A

Question 5

A manufacturing cloud user is in the process of adding products to an order that is on active sales agreement. Which status the order be in , to make the addition

Answer : D

Question 6

Which two statements are true, if an org hits the account product period forecast record limit?

Answer : A, B

Question 7

Which data load sequence should be followed when loading data into Sales agreement?

Answer : A, B, C

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Total 57 questions