Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

How can a consultant determine which capabilities of a Sales Cloud implementation are required during the Discovery phase?

Answer : B

During the Discovery phase, observing end users helps consultants understand how users interact with the current system, identify pain points, and determine which capabilities of a Sales Cloud implementation are required. By directly observing the workflow and usage patterns, consultants can gather valuable insights into user needs and requirements, ensuring that the implementation aligns with actual business processes.

Discovery Phase Best Practices

Understanding User Needs through Observation

Question 2

Cloud Kicks sales reps want to see all of the details on their current opportunities with a minimal amount of navigation or clicks to cycle through them.

Which functionality should the consultant recommend?

Answer : B

The Split View option in Salesforce allows users to see a list of records on the left side of the screen while viewing the details of a selected record on the right side. This functionality minimizes navigation and clicks, enabling sales reps to efficiently cycle through their current opportunities and view all the details they need. It is designed to enhance productivity by providing quick access to information.

Using Split View

Salesforce List Views and Split View

Question 3

After Cloud Kicks implemented Sales Cloud Einstein, a consultant realizes they are unable to activate all of the features.

Which step should the consultant take to troubleshoot the issue?

Answer : C

To troubleshoot the issue of not being able to activate all Sales Cloud Einstein features, the consultant should confirm that users have the necessary feature licenses assigned. Without the appropriate licenses, users will not be able to access or activate certain Einstein functionalities. Ensuring that all required licenses are correctly assigned is a crucial step in enabling full functionality.

Sales Cloud Einstein License Management

Assigning Feature Licenses

Question 4

A consultant received feedback that various sales teams are providing inconsistent updates to leadership about the progress of deals.

What should the consultant recommend for aligning processes and providing more reliable information about the pipeline to leadership?

Answer : C

Enabling Sales Forecasting helps provide consistent updates and reliable information about the pipeline to leadership. Salesforce's Sales Forecasting feature allows sales teams to predict and plan for future sales outcomes based on current pipeline data. It aligns processes by standardizing how sales data is reported and ensures that all teams are using the same criteria and metrics for reporting progress on deals.

Sales Forecasting Overview

Implementing Sales Forecasting

Question 5

The consultant at Cloud Kicks has successfully implemented Einstein Lead Scoring. The VP of sales wants to see the effectiveness of this new functionality.

What should the consultant do to fulfill this request?

Answer : B

Adding a standard dashboard for Sales Cloud Einstein is the best approach to showcase the effectiveness of Einstein Lead Scoring. Salesforce provides pre-built Einstein Analytics dashboards that offer insights into lead scoring performance, helping the VP of sales visualize how lead scoring impacts the sales process. These dashboards include metrics and trends that demonstrate the value and accuracy of the Einstein Lead Scoring implementation.

Sales Cloud Einstein Analytics

Einstein Analytics Dashboard for Lead Scoring

Question 6

Cloud Kicks (CK) is starting to plan its first Salesforce Release. CK would like to put together a comprehensive preview of the release to communicate the upcoming changes and new features to the leadership team, stakeholders, and end users. CK has asked a consultant for


Which option should the consultant recommend?

Answer : C

'Release in a Box' is a comprehensive communication tool provided by Salesforce to help organizations prepare for upcoming releases. It includes presentations, feature summaries, and other resources to effectively communicate changes and new features to leadership teams, stakeholders, and end users. This option provides a structured approach to preview and plan for new releases, ensuring that all parties are well-informed and prepared.

Release in a Box

Preparing for Salesforce Releases

Question 7

A consultant is meeting with a new client to design a rollout strategy for its Sales Cloud implementation.

What should the consultant do during the planning stage to ensure a successful implementation?

Answer : C

During the planning stage, it is crucial to define clear goals, metrics, project schedule, and sales processes. This ensures that all stakeholders have a shared understanding of the project objectives, timelines, and success criteria. Defining these elements provides a structured framework for the implementation and helps in tracking progress and addressing issues proactively.

Sales Cloud Implementation Best Practices

Project Planning and Management

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