Salesforce Communications Cloud Accredited Professional (AP) Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

A Company wants to improve their quote to order journey experience, the journey contains manufacturing products and services, and integration with inventory system for device reservation. They want to have smooth omni channel experience. What approach should a consultant take during planning to ensure optimal development and time to market?

Answer : A

Question 2

ABC telecom offer advanced B2B connectivity products to companies with multiple service quotes in different regions based quotes and 1000 line items per quote.

Which application suits supports this scnerio?

Answer : A

Question 3

UT required bulk ordering to be implemented in communication cloud base to capture order broadband speed to its customer and applying promotions.

Which two steps should consultant take to perform the impact assessment for bulk ordering in communication cloud

Answer : C, D

Question 4

T current architecture has two systems one which is sales facing (internal) other is customer facing (website). Currently product catalog is maintained separately in both systems.

UT has introduced communication cloud. What approach should consultant recommend for maintaining their product catalog during their digital transformation.

Answer : C

Question 5

Orbit telecommunication has announced that their B2C mobile business is doing well and there will be high order increase next year well beyond anything they had planned.

What are the two preparatory steps that a consultant should take to ensure the stability in production?

Answer : B, C

Question 6

ABC communication is using communication cloud for managing its product catalog. The inventory maintains SKUs and enter data related to SKUs. A consultant is analyzing options to sync the SKU data with communication cloud EPC products in the product catalog.

Which communication cloud feature should consultant recommend for this use case to minimize the customer issue

Answer : A

Question 7

United Telecom has release plan for their digital transformation it includes both legacy CRM and their new communication cloud, both of which will be active until the digital transformation is complete. Customer data from the legacy CRM will be migrated into communication cloud as part of first phase of the digital transformation project. There are business critical operations that will remains active in legacy CRM after the first phase of project. Which strategy should a consultant recommended to keep the customer data to sync between the legacy CRM and communication cloud?

Answer : A

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Total 77 questions