Salesforce Certified Tableau CRM and Einstein Discovery Consultant Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

Which two recommended techniques can be used to access tableau CRM data from a remote app or website? Choose 2 answers

Answer : B, C

Question 2

A training dataset Is being prepared for a Einstein Discovery story. One skewed with outliers. at action should the Einstein consultant take?

Answer : C

Question 3

A customer is reviewing a story that is set to maximize the daily sales quantity of consumer products in stores and sees this chart. The visualized tooltip belongs to the blue bar for San Francisco, reflecting, November daily sales quantities in that city specifically.

What two conclusions can be drawn from this insight?

Answer : A, C

Question 4

Universal Containers has a Dashboard for Sales Managers. They need to visualize their win rate.

Which chart type can be used to keep track if they are below of beyond the target?

Answer : A

Question 5

After the initial creation of a story, the first story insight explains 93% of the variation of the outcome variable. This is unusual high?

What is the most likely multiple for this?

Answer : A

Question 6

A Tableau CRM consultant has created three recipes that each produce a dataset.

Recipe1 creates Dataset1.

Recipe2 created Dataset2.

Recipe2 created Dataset3.

Recipe3 is dependent on Dataset1, while Recipe1 and Recipe2 have no dependencies.

How should the consultant implement the recipe schedule?

Answer : A

Question 7

An Einstein Analytics Consultant is working with a subscriptions based company to build a dashboard to understand customer renewals. Each subscription is captured as a Closed Won Opportunity within Salesforce Unfortunately the Opportunity record does not specify whether it is a renewal or a net new subscription.

Which data transformation should be used to determine if a subscription is new or a renewal?

Answer : D

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Total 242 questions