VMware 2V0-31.21 Professional VMware vRealize Automation 8.3 Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

Which two actions can be performed against a Cloud Assembly machine-based deployment? (Choose two.)

Answer : C, E

Question 2

An administrator needs to create a custom form for a cloud template that has just been created. One of the form input fields needs to be a drop-down that is populated through an external source.

Which vRealize Automation service must the administrator use to complete this task? (Choose the best answer.)

Answer : A

Question 3

Which command should an administrator run to check the status of vRealize Automation services? (Choose the best answer.)

Answer : B

Question 4

What are the two prerequisites for setting up multi-organization tenancy for vRealize Automation? (Choose two.)

Answer : B, C

Question 5

An administrator is addressing a requirement to ensure that vRealize Automation evenly spreads the provisioned machines across hosts for a given region.

Where will the administrator configure this policy? (Choose the best answer.)

Answer : B

Question 6

An administrator is tasked is tasked with using an existing set of cloud templates and images that are available online through the Marketplace tab in vRealize Automation.

Which integration does the administrator have to configure first to enable this functionality? (Choose the best answer.)

Answer : C

Question 7

When deploying SaltStack Config minions as part of a machine deployment in vRealize Automation, which parameter must be specified in the cloudConfig section of the cloud template? (Choose the best answer.)

Answer : D

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Total 90 questions