VMware 5V0-22.21 VMware vSAN Specialist Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

After a server power failure, the administrator noticed the scheduled resyncing in the cluster monitor displays objects to be resynchronized under the pending category.

What are these objects in this category?

Answer : B

Question 2

A remote location was configured with Cloud Native Storage. When the administrator put the host in maintenance mode to perform monthly patching, the File Server Health check was triggered.

Which action, if any, should the administrator take to resolve the issue?

Answer : A

Question 3

A vSAN administrator is deploying multiple 2-node clusters to remote branch offices. The nodes already have an old vSphere 7.0 image, but the administrator would like to update the image and ensure consistency across all the nodes.

The administrator configured vLCM on the first vSAN cluster and exported the image.

Which format should the administrator choose?

Answer : A

Question 4

What is the purpose of host rebuild reserve in vSAN?

Answer : A

Question 5

Which solution can automate the deployment of a vSAN cluster as part of a full Software-Defined Datacenter?

Answer : A

Question 6

A vSAN administrator of a network isolated vSAN environment wants to upgrade the environment from the vSAN 7.0 to the vSAN 7.0 U1 using vLCM.

Which option, if any, should be used as a depot in this case?

Answer : D

Question 7

A single capacity disk fails within a vSAN 7.0 U1 cluster running with a ''compression-only'' configuration enabled. The vSAN administrator must recognize the platform impact that has occurred and take steps to correct it.

Which action should the vSAN administrator take?

Answer : D

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Total 76 questions