XML I10-003 XML Master Professional Database Administrator Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

See separate window.

Assume you wish to execute an XQuery on [example.xml] (separate window) to obtain [Output Result] (separate window). Select the correct XQuery to obtain [Output Result].

Answer : B

Question 2

Select the correct result of executing the [XQuery] on [example xml] referenced in a separate window. Do not consider indents (ignorable white space such as line feeds, tabs, etc.) in [example.xml] or the execution results.

Answer : D

Question 3

Assume that a certain XMLDB can store an XML document as a model based on DOM Level2, and can retrieve the stored XML data via XQuery. Also assume that you wish to store the following [XML Document] in the XMLDB, and treat the script element content as a CDATA section when retrieving the XML data from the XMLDB. Select the most appropriate description regarding the following [Procedure].

Assume that the XMLDB follows the DOM Level2 specification, as well as specifications related to XQuery.


(1) Store [XML Document] in XMLDB

(2) Retrieve the stored XML data via XQuery (at this stage the XML data has not been serialized as a character string)

(3) Serialize the XML data as a character string

Answer : C

Question 4

Assume that perfect fidelity of a complete XML document is required in a certain XML document. Select the most suitable method for providing perfect XML document fidelity when storing an XML document using the following methods. Here "perfect XML document fidelity" means that an XML document retrieved from the XMLDB is exactly the same as the original XML document prior to XMLDB insertion, completely identical when compared using binary, including empty element notations, whitespace locations, etc.

Answer : C

Question 5

Assume that when inserting an XML document, a certain XMLDB can be configured to eliminate whitespace (ignorable white space such as line feeds, tabs, etc.) that is defined as [element content whitespace] in the XML Information Set (Infoset).

Select the correct description regarding the elimination of [Whitespace] when inserting the following [XML Document] under this whitespace elimination configuration.

Assume that a validation check is performed when the XML Document is inserted.

Answer : D

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Total 39 questions